Introducing the most advanced 3D printed TT prosthetic socket.

A new generation of 3D printed custom-made prosthetic sockets that set a new standard in prosthetic care.
Enabled by cutting-edge technology, sleek design, smart engineering and the unique combination of 2 materials. Discover the revolutionary device that your patients will love and trust.

There are 3 types of the Augo® socket.
Each version is available either with vacuum, hybrid or lock suspension.

Classic socket


Custom inner relief areas

Improved comfort

Comfort socket


Flexible brim

Custom inner relief areas

Maximum comfort

Control socket


Flexible brim

Custom inner relief areas

Adjustable volume

Best for demanding cases

Seamless Connection Soft Silicone Pad Gradual Thickness
(Light-weight & Safety)
Optimized Distal End
Flexible Comfortable Brim Durable Engineered Shell Colour (Optional) Integrated Suspension 4-Hole Adapter Ready In-built Alignment

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